The blockchain is about to become a marketing channel

Jasper makes it possible for businesses to sell products on the blockchain.

How do businesses do that?

  1. You use a computer to mine Jaspercoins then give those coins away to customers.
  2. Customers can spend the coins anywhere that Jaspercoin is accepted.
  3. Businesses that receive Jaspercoins can cash them out or re-distribute them to expand their loyalty program. It’s a practically zero-cost way to run a loyalty program.

What if you don’t want to mine on your own computer?

How do consumers participate?

They can search for products they like, then use their Jaspercoin to buy them.

How Jasper is different to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

  • Anyone can mine Jaspercoin. To mine Bitcoin and other coins you need massive computer power and a vast supply of cheap electricity.
  • People hoard Bitcoin and other coins because they think the value will go up. Jasper is designed to be spent - it’s a transaction coin.
  • Businesses mine Jaspercoins, not coal-fired mining farms. Consumers can also mine coins. In other words, mining of Jaspercoin involves the real-world players in the economy, not third party mining specialists.

Benefits of early sign-up

Mining licences are free for the first businesses to sign up, and those businesses will be the first featured when the blockchain goes live in 2019.
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