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On the 30–03–2020 the JAC vs. BTC, ETH and USDT trading will begin.

Create your Latoken.com account to operate with JAC (Jaspercoins) Enter Latoken.com at the following link: https://go.latoken.com/7k, and you can now send and receive JAC to your Latoken account.


Jasper Intro


Democratized mining, minimum power consumption, the security of the blockchain, and a platform 60 times the speed of Bitcoin. This is the new mainstream.

Democratic Mining

Mining on the blockchain today is concentrated in the hands of a few. Jasper's minimum CPU consumption ensures a wide distribution of miners. The protocol certifies mining instances in turn (round-robin) rather than rewarding processing power.


With blocks mined every 15 seconds and a low difficulty level, the network allows a high number of transactions, suitable for real time micropayments.


Mining goes mainstream with Jaspberry. It’s a micro-mining device which lets you mine without any technical knowledge.

Ethical Platform

Anonymity runs contrary to transparency. The Jasper Foundation validates aspiring operators of full nodes, and authorizes them for a lifetime if they are solid. Anonymous nodes cannot take control of the Jasper Blockchain.

POES algorithm

The Proof of Elapsed Shift algorithm combines an irrevocable authorization to mine with a test of elapsed time, whereby each mining node must wait its turn to mine.


Reducing the rewards favouring processing power and lowering the electricity requirement ensures a wide geographic distribution of miners. That's a solid security base for the Jasper blockchain.

Jaspberry: Easy Mining

Designed to take blockchain mining into the mainstream; a Plug & Mine micro-device for mining

Incredibly straight forward: turn on the device and connect to a Wi-Fi network. That's all. Jaspberry will register itself on the Jasper network and start mining. No need to download code, no need for expert advice or Googling.

Investors and entrepreneurs can hop on the blockchain rapidly and safely. The Jaspberry display shows the state of the blockchain and the wallet balance. This simple and revolutionary gadget is only possible in a low power consumption network like JasperChain.

I want a Jaspberry

JasperPay: Open Source Multi-Wallet

The JasperPay open source wallet will manage your Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash and JasperCoins. It will be available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Version 1.0 will support multi-signatures, payment verification and Testnet networks for developers.

Future Releases: JasperTokens, integration with Jaspberry and retail software.



Jasper's team is multidisciplinary, with many years of experience in IT.

Gerardo Ratto

Chief Executive Officer

Bret Treasure

Chief Strategy Officer

Leandro Galanterni

Chief Technology Officer

Gastón Gaspar Brito

Strategic Partnership Manager: Buenos Aires

Julio Castro

Jaspberry - Project Leader

Luis Migone

Director of Press and Communication

Ariel Levy

Jasper Association Uruguay

Tomás Stanislavsky

Digital Marketing Director

Adriana Canónico

Community Manager



Pablo Stampalia

Technology Strategy

Diego Gamba

Head of Legals


Oscar Uncal


Alejandro Sagula

Technology Advisor

Diego Conde


Alejandro Batista



Business and professional associations that believe in Jasper and promote its implementation.



Companies trust Jasper to position their brands for growth in the new economy.


Discover brands and merchants that will accept Jaspercoin.


Jasper in the media.

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Watch interview @ NASDAQ

Lucce Cervigni interviews Gerardo Ratto and Bret Treasure, from the Jasper Foundation at Nasdaq, Times Square, New York for NewEconomies.com


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